The purposes of musicals and drama are twofold.

1. To help reflect biblical truths and display the gospel in unique circumstances, historic and contemporary.

2. To be used as a tool for evangelism.  A majority of special events are advertised heavily to the town of Perinton.  We work hard to use drama as a means to share the gospel with our community.

Some of our productions





"Who Can He Be?" is an original Perinton Community Church production.  This musical drama includes the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Some of the best songs written by  various  Christian composers surrounding the passion of Jesus Christ were  have been fused with an original script which focuses heavily on the love of Christ for humanity.  Act I contains some of the most wonderful moments in the gospels, including the wedding at Cana, the woman at the well, the healing of Jairus' daughter, the woman caught in adultery and the sermon on the mount.  The 2nd Act  focuses on the entire passion week culminating with an actual depiction of the crucifixion followed by the resurrection.  Told through the eyes of the disciples Peter and John,  the message of salvation is clearly presented in this drama.    To a non believer, this drama may be a stepping stone toward belief in Jesus as their savior.  For the Christian it is an opportunity to see the gospel narratives come alive.



The Gospel According to Scrooge, a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, has been thrilling churches and their communities for over three decades.  This musical comedy tells the story of the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, who only consumed with wealth and gain is angry, frustrated and hateful of everyone.  Yet he is given the chance to be redeemed through the visits of three Angels on Christmas Eve night.  Not only is this a story of personal change, this Christian adaptation also champions the truth of faith, forgiveness, salvation and the power of prayer.  The show features a tremendous cast, music, full costumes, sets, and lighting.  We invite you to come and spend an evening with us again this coming Christmas.  














Miracle on Main Street saw the children of PCC come together to present their very own musical.  Nearly thirty children sang, and acted  as a part of eight musical numbers, each of which included large amounts of choreography.  The story is very contemporary as the children face persecution for wanting to present a Christian Christmas production.  The city attempts to shut the production down for its Christian content but the children do not give up.  They knock on doors and gain enough support to present the true meaning of Christmas on Main Street!