Sunday School

Bible Classes for ALL ages begin at 9:15 am on Sundays.

For Students

We offer classes from Kindergarten to 6th grade using a variety of teaching materials, including Faith Weaver and Gospel Light.

The 5th & 6th grades are moving through the Life and Ministry of Paul - "With Love, from Paul." 

All of our children's classes are downstairs where parents may bring their children. 

For students in the 7th through 12th grade, DL Walter will lead a study of the book of Acts. This class will meet downstairs in the Youth Room.




For Adults

This study will explore the first five chapters in Acts. The promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit takes center stage. The beginning of Acts is whirlwind of excitement as the Spirit is poured out giving birth to the church. We will enjoy the striking change in the apostles, as they receive power to be witnesses for Christ.

The purpose of this study of Acts will be to inspire us all to experience a more effervescent and relevant faith. Mike Skifstad will lead this study in the Choir Room downstairs.




Written for the purpose of expression - praise, lament, petition ... prayer - the Psalms wrap words around the experiences of God's people. The Psalms were the first song book. 

Tim Alexander will lead an overview of the Psalms that will track with the sermon series in the following Worship Assembly. This class will meet in the Sanctuary

October 15, Psalm 131: Praying the Psalms

October 22, Psalm 19: Praising God in the Psalms

November 5, Psalm 110: Praising Jesus in the Psalms

November 12, Psalm 32: Seeing my Struggle in the Psalms

November 26, Psalm 16: Seeing my Victory in the Psalms