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One. Very. Full. Day.

Almost 25 years ago our family endured a flood in Albany, Georgia. I remember one day in the deluge. We began early by helping a family salvage what little they could while wading thigh-deep through the mud of their home.

A nursing home asked to use our Fellowship Hall as a temporary shelter for residents rescued from the waters. The hospital was surrounded by a sturdy wall of sandbags, running on an emergency generator, but was overflowing with patients: could we help? Yes.

On that same day one of our elderly members died AND one of our young wives gave birth to their first child.

What a day! It all happened on one day. It all happened so fast. It was the full spectrum of life. Joy, sadness, compassion, exhaustion, reflection: all in one day. Giving and receiving. Age and youth. Life and death. All in one day.

Genesis 18 is that kind of day for Abraham and Sarah. Three men appear before Abraham when he lifts up his eyes. A feast follows. That doesn’t happen every day!

These same men—representing God!—promise a child and within a definite period of time. Sarah, like Abraham before her, laughs. But the promise is strongly affirmed. Again, such immediacy from God doesn’t happen every day. Even for Abraham!

If this were not enough, God chooses to engage Abraham about his determination to destroy Sodom. Abraham then engages with God about the balance between justice for the wicked and compassion for the righteous. What a moment! A man questions God. God condescends to answer.

From food, to new life in an aged womb, to destruction and withholding destruction. What a day!

This is one day in the life lived before God ... by faith.


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The Covenant in a Sign

Google Prenuptial Agreement. 4 million results hit the screen in 0.63 of a second. RocketLawyer provides a template with eleven pages worth of ‘prenup must-haves.’ 

There are some legal circumstances in which a prenuptial agreement is mandated by law or required by insurance policies. But according to Business Insider:

“a recent study conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 62% of divorce attorneys surveyed reported an increase in the total number of clients requesting prenuptial agreements in recent years. Among those attorneys who reported an increase, 51% said there was an increase in the number of millennial clients signing prenups.



This is not surprising.  I don’t throw them shade.  A generation raised under the cultural sky of cohabitation, multiple divorces and remarriages has a wary view of commitment. They are marrying later. They are protecting their assets. They are protecting their future. As a Christian I disagree with the idea of a prenuptial agreement. But I understand the fallen world which gives rise to it and normalizes it.

Biblically, a marriage is a covenant before God. A covenant is more than a contract. A contract happens between two equals protecting interests and resources. Biblically a covenant is an unbreakable bond of personal fidelity. A covenant is anchored deeply within the character of those who enter into it.

God made a covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15, enfolding his destiny into God’s holy nature: God WILL accomplish His will for Abraham. 25 years later God gives Abraham a sign for his covenant, something tangible to “sign-ify” the depth of His commitment. Abraham, and all who will follow, need to know God will never back out.



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