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Doing something ... new and scary

Remember your first car accident? I do. A drunk pulled in front of me at an intersection. I fairly t-boned him. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. What was this man doing, driving drunk at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon? 

The adrenaline surge of a near death experience was new to me at age 17. I became nauseous but couldn't throw up. My fear-based rage felt like a nest of hornets under my skin. It took some time before these terrifying new emotions drained from my system. When they did, I crashed.

For many people trying something new evokes a dread akin to my car accident. New friends are the hardest. Can't tell you how many men I've met who haven't made a new friend since, well, childhood. Grown men, good men, kind and thoughtful men: few, if any, friends and none new for decades. 

A critical self-examination is a new and scary experience. No, not the slurpy New Year's resolution kind of thing, where you convince yourself just a few tweaks are needed around the edges (or the bulges). I'm talking about the, 'I'm-slowly-dying-under-the-weight-of-my-routine' kind of change. Now that's scary. 

Finally, how about this? What if the new thing was spiritually clean and relationally helpful? Say, like telling the truth. Or thoughtfully taking the initiative to reconcile a broken relationship. Or coming out from that perpetual fog of indecision you've been hiding behind and making an assertive choice.

Scary? Yep, probably. But you'll survive. You ought to try it. It'll be good for you.

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