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Will you SERVE with Jesus?

Who wants to serve?

I’ve met plenty of people who will serve when circumstances require it.

I’ve met some people who serve gladly whenever and wherever needed. Given the occasion, these people may even seek out the low-profile roles of service.

I just don’t know if I’ve ever met a person who truly wants to serve in the way that … say … a bird wants to fly or a fish wants to swim.

Never met a person for whom serving was all of life and all of identity.


Yet Jesus came as the Servant of God. Jesus came … to serve.

  • Jesus had an agenda, but it was not His own.
  • Jesus had words to say and deeds to do, but they were not His own.
  • Jesus even had a life to live, but it was not His own life to live.

Jesus lived His life from a deep well-spring of service. Paradoxically, at least to our eyes, the servant-nature of Jesus conferred upon Him a great authority. Of course, as God-the-Son, Jesus already had authority.

Jesus wanted to serve. As God’s Servant, Jesus was the freest man who ever lived.

Will you serve with Jesus? Can you learn to WANT to serve with Jesus?

Our next sermon series begins January 6 and will explore what it means to serve with Jesus.

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