The word mission is a Latin word (mitto or mittere) meaning to send.  The mission of the Church is the equipping and sending of God's people into the world, everywhere Christ is not known and God is not worshiped.       The Greek work for good news or gospel is euangelion.  While Paul wasn't the first to use the word euangelion, there is good reason to credit Paul with establishing Euangelion as the New Testament's prime word to describe our mission.     God's purpose is to make Himself known to all people and to establish a relationship with them.  All Christians are commanded to share the Good News of Christ.  God, however, calls from among us certain people to carry out specific full-time ministries according to their gifts.  Career missionaries are those people called by God to be His messengers, witnesses and spokesmen to people of different geographic areas and/or cultures.

      PCC is all about Worshiping Jesus and Sharing His Love. Therefore:

  1. Each one of us in the PCC family should realize that we ourselves are in mission where God has placed us.  The Church is preparing and equipping each of us to lead others to Christ.  C.L.A.S.S. 401 is one means to this end.
  2. PCC Mission will display a partnership by being the merciful church to our own neighbors and planting the merciful church abroad.
  3. Each person in the PCC family should realize that we have the privilege and responsibility to sacrificially and tangibly partner with the career missionaries that are also part of our church family.
  4. We seek balance in supporting missions, both at home and abroad, and will always endeavor to never let one be diluted at the expense of the other.

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