All are welcome at PCC. You are encouraged to visit and just ... rest ... for a while. We'll introduce ourselves because we are a friendly group. We'll answer questions you may have, but we will not hover over you. PCC can function as your church home long before you decide to become a member. 

Membership matters. Life with Jesus is a life-long journey of discipleship. Scripture, history, and common sense teaches this journey is best made with others. We help each other become more like Jesus through encouragement and accountability. Membership means you are committed to the surprising challenges and deeply moving joys of doing life together with other followers of Jesus.   

How to become a member at PCC. First, meet with the Senior Pastor. Next, meet with the Elders. At that meeting you will be asked to provide your testimony about being 'saved by grace through faith in Jesus.' These meetings are intentionally friendly, low-key, and casual. You may, at that time, have questions about PCC for the Elders and the Senior Pastor.

Finally ...

Be formally welcomed to the church on Sunday morning during our worship service. You will be asked these questions:

  • Do you believe Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God?
  • Do you acknowledge Him as your Savior and do you promise to live a life that pleases and honor Him?
  • In this family of believers, do you desire gifts which the Spirit has given you to be recognized, affirmed, and used for the benefit of the Body?
  • Do you desire to mature in Christ through obedience to His Word, in attitudes towards your brothers and sisters of honesty, admonition, encouragement, servanthood and love?
  • Do you assume your responsibilities as Christ's servants to persons outside the family of believers - to display the Gospel of Christ in word and deed?

You are now a member at PCC.

  • You can vote in our Congregational Meetings.
  • You can teach in our Christian Education program.
  • You can serve in one of our church offices.

Mostly, though, we hope you will grow as a life-long disciple of Jesus ... and share your life with us.